Our Services

Need a finance broker to help you manage your loans, whether it’s personal or commercial?  Welcome to SKJR Securities.  We can help you find the lending products to fund anything from a new home loan to a complex commercial deal.  At SKJR Securities we have extensive knowledge of the banking industry and therefore we have the resources and connections to obtain financial options that are tailored to your individual circumstances.

New Home Loans


If you require a reliable assessment of your borrowing capacity, we can arrange a pre approval for your loan.  This process involves assessment of your income and credit details.  This enables you to be prepared to make an offer on a property with greater confidence.





We are able to assist with home loan refinancing to ensure your loan is competitive and congruent with your needs.  For example, you may not use all of your current loan features and your needs may be better matched with alternative features in a different loan setup.  We can guide you through the cost comparisons and potential long term benefits of home loan refinance


Personal Loans


SKJR Securities can assist with the obtainment of a personal loan to fund a variety of purposes.  For example, a major purchase (car or boat), debt consolidation or home renovations.  We can even facilitate a loan to borrowers with short residence and employment records, seasonal and contract workers, and new borrowers.

Investment Loans


Private Funding


At SKJR Securities, we are experienced with helping clients choose the best investment loan for their requirements.  A good investment loan can make property investment a much smoother and more profitable process.

Investment loans vary depending on what you are looking to achieve, and can be either very simple (like your standard home loan), or something more complex that helps you make effective use of tax, gearing and repayments.  You can also make good use of loan features such as redraw, offset and additional repayments to help manage your investment loan.


SKJR Securities has direct access to private funding and therefore we can facilitate a short term loan or second mortgage application quickly and can provide you with an approval within an hour.
Whether you’re an investor, business owner or a property developer you need to move fast in today’s market. By dealing with SKJR Securities you’ll have the confidence to commit and the means to act quickly so you don’t miss the opportunity presented to you.  Such a facility will ultimately assist with your working capital management and will assist with your business funding.
Short Term Business Loans and bridging finance loans are secured by caveat or registered mortgage taken over a suitable security property for business purposes.
Private Funding can also be used by developers to assist in funding their next project as well as for construction finance as this type of funding often require less presales than required by traditional bank lenders.


Business Loans


At SKJR Securities, we understand that rapid growth and changes to demand in your business can often stretch your resources.  We are able to recommend a range of flexible business loans available to suit different business needs.  For example, finance for business working capital, finance for purchasing a new business or franchise, buying or investing in commercial property, residential and commercial property development and equipment finance.


Franchise Funding

To meet an emerging need, new business finance products have been established to help people buy franchises. Lenders are more inclined to provide franchise finance because your business is based on a proven formula.  SKJR Securities can guide you to the most suitable loans for your franchising needs.


Debtor Finance


When running a business, you may encounter cash flow problems, particularly when your debtors do not pay on time.  SKJR Securities can assist with debtor finance, which involves a lender giving you a percentage of the invoice (usually 80%) in cash, then the remainder when the invoice is paid.




SKJR Securities can facilitate the leasing requirements for your business.  For many businesses, leasing cars, computers and equipment is preferable to outright purchase because it improves your cash flow.